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Our New Wines

We have six new wines and Paul, 

our wine expert,  is going to taste them for us, with a report on each.


False Bay Sauvignon Blanc

False Bay Syrah Red

Les Olivers Sauvignon Blanc

Les Olivers Merlot/Mourvedre Red

Columbia Biance Grillo White

Colombia Biance Nero D’Avola

£8.99 each


Many of you may have noticed that the nation is drinking more wine at the moment!

Indeed, some wine Clubs/Societies are limiting the amount available to customers and restricting choice.  Inevitably, this is leading to higher prices.

Wine buying for the Shop is difficult in these circumstances and we can not shield ourselves from higher prices.

Nevertheless, we have obtained some wine from a new supplier and have every expectation that it may be rather good!

The Shop aims to provide a red and white wine from Portugal which we sell at £6.99 – we are rather pleased with both of these wines.

Moving on from there we have a red, white and rose which is sold under the Borsao label and we can bring it to you at £7.99.

At £8.99 we now have wines from Italy (Colomba Bianca Vitese), France (Les Olivers) and South Africa (False Bay). A sparkling wine from Italy should be added shortly.    I aim to try each one but it may take just a little while! I will report back when I have sampled three or four.

You can help me out!  Just send me your thoughts when you try one and let me know if you liked it and would buy again (we can then adjust our buying policy accordingly).

If you can not make it to the Shop and would like a delivery let me know and I will see what I can arrange.

Keep safe.


I promised to comment on the new Shop wines.

I have been pondering how I may do this and my thought process started when I read a wine review in the Sunday Times.  It included this description of a wine,

It is a refined expression of the style, with subtle citrus notes and an ethereal acidity.

 What on earth does that mean?  Is the acidity out of this world – what nonsense!

So, I though all I could do is tell you what I think and to try and avoid (as far as possible) “pretentious nonsense”!

The first wine I tried was the False Bay, Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa. I must confess that  I prefer red wines rather than white so I am not, necessarily, the best person to judge this wine.   Yes, it was fine, unlikely to disappoint and, unusually, has a very slight “fizz” (or spritz) to it – not unpleasant at all.  I suspect that it will be well liked but it did not (in my view) have anything special or unusual about it.

I then moved on to the red version using the Syrah grape  (the grape is known as “Shiraz” in some parts of the world). Wow, this one I did like! Red wines can suffer from being a bit too fruity (I call it the Ribena factor) but this one was spot on! Some fruit (I almost thought that cherries popped out at one point!) but nicely balanced with proper “backbone”. You can tell, I liked it!   I hope you do too.

I then moved on to the two Italian wines – under the Colomba Bianca Vitese label.  Two good points to start with;both the red and white bottle shape is rather elegant and our wine supplier particularly likes them!  Also both are organic wines which I know many people look for and they can be difficult to find.I tried the red first featuring the Nero D’Avola grape.  This is a grape I have tried to love before but with only limited success!  Anyway, I manfully dived into the wine! Wow, this is very good and I am sure that many will regard it as being first rate at the price point. Excellent with or without food.  I did look at this wine online and our pricing is spot on (not bad for a village shop!) some suppliers sell for a little more,  some a little less.

I then tried the white version of the above wine – it features the Grillo grape – which I have to say is completely unknown to me!  Again, a very favorable outcome, light in colour, crisp and clean with a delicate fruity element. Well recommended – our supplier knows his stuff!! Interestingly, this wine was recommended in The Telegraph “Best wines under £10” – praise indeed!

My next tasting was of the two French wines under the Les Olivers label.  The white version blends Sauvignon Blanc with Vermentino.  It is a dry, crisp wine without any exaggerated fruitiness. The red version uses Merlot and Mourvèdre grapes and has a certain softness, often associated with Merlot. Both are pleasant and well made but, once again, I see nothing  that sets them apart.  You may well take a different view?

Finally, I got around to the three Borsao wines.  The first I tried was the red featuring the garnacha grape.  Good well made wine that is soft and fruity – an everyday, easy to drink,  wine.  Probably worth opening (and maybe decanting) a couple of hours before you plan to drink it and, as with virtually all red wines, well worth bringing to room temperature before drinking.

The Borsao rosé was next up!  Rosé comes into its own in the spring and summer and this one does not disappoint! Serve well chilled.  Good fresh summer wine that was flying off the shelves when I was last in the shop!

Finally, I tried the Borsao white wine which is made with the Macabeo grape.I rather enjoyed this – it has a rather appealing delicate fruitiness – but it is undoubtedly a dry wine.

So to sum up,

  • Our £6.99 wines (Animus, from Portugal) represent great value, but we are encountering supply problems just now so they may go out of stock form time to time.
  • Looking at the other end of the scale both Italian wines under the Colomba Bianca Vitese label are great examples of wines we can sell at £8.99. Well recommended.
  • In the middle the Borsao Spanish red, white and rosé selling at £7.99 are well worth a try and we are very pleased to have added these to our selection.

At the end of the day these are no more than my opinions – you may well have very different views!!  Do let me know.

Paul –  April 2020.


                 Delivery can be arranged – just phone the shop on 01460 30282



  Visiting Thorncombe for a Short Break? Just give us a call and we can make up a delicious food hamper ready for you.

A seasonal choice of fresh fruit, salad and vegetables are always available in store. We have daily deliveries ensuring produce is in peak condition.

We aim to stock as much locally-produced food as possible, saving on food miles and giving you the chance to have the freshest and best food available.

Our local Sadborow Pheasant and Venison is in stock in season, as well as Forde Abbey strawberries.

We also sell a range of delicious cheeses from Leopard Dairies in Iwerne Minster and from Lubborn Creamery   at nearby Cricket St. Thomas .

Our milk is delivered daily from Sutton Lucy Dairy near Honiton, and we stock traditional Free-Range eggs supplied by Dart Fresh straight from Cornwall.

           Our bread comes from Evershot Bakery  a local artisan baker, baking bread for over 150 years. We have daily deliveries and will happily take orders. Evershot Bakery offers a wonderful selection of specialist artisan breads such as spelt, French Sticks, Speckle loaves and wholemeal. Their cobber is one of our most popular loaves.

We also have bread from Shaldon Bakery in Devon, a craft bakery in Devon. Their bread and buns receive rave reviews, especially in Thorncombe!

“Using traditional slate bed peel ovens and techniques honed over 30 years in the industry is what makes this bakery special”

Thursday is Bun Day! Every Thursday we stock a great selection of  their delicious buns, come in and see….and taste.

We always stock a good range of locally produced  Moores Biscuits  

Totally irresistible, and great for gifts.

We sell fresh and frozen meats as well as succulent meat products such as pies and pasties.

One of our most popular lines is locally-produced Budleigh Salterton Pate, utterly delicious on crackers or toast, as a starter or just lunch. Why not give it a try?

We stock all your tinned essentials as well as baking goods – a wide range of different   flours for bread-making, nuts, dried fruit and various sugars. Our own-branded goods offer customers greater value.

We also offer a wide range of pet foods as well as cleaning products, batteries and firelighters.

We have a wide stock of car products such as packs of spare bulbs  and headlight deflectors for driving abroad, as well as wash leathers.



We have an extensive range of cleaning products:

Come in and see our range of seasonal products – 

  • buckets and spades
  • fly sprays
  • slug pellets

And of course dog leads, chews and balls.

Want a tea or coffee that is something special?
Call in to see our great range of Miles, Twinings and other teas.

Come in and try our selection of Ice Creams produced by  local producers Salcombe Dairy and Marshfield .

                                               Wines, Beers and Ciders

We pride ourselves on offering an excellent selection of value for money wines.

We aim to have both a quality red and white priced at affordable prices. The red will frequently come from South Africa or South America and the white is likely to be from Spain or Italy. 


 We carry limited stocks of wine enabling a regular changeover in choice.

This year’s new stock has arrived:

come in and have a look!
















We are proud of our extensive range of beers. Our very own local Gyle 59 is always popular.

We have a wide and tempting range of savoury biscuits and snacks.

Occasions Cards, Magazines and Papers

We offer a large range of many occasions Cards in the shop. Magazines and Newspapers can be ordered for collection to guarantee you get the paper you want. Alternatively pop in and grab one from the shelf.




We also sell locally created cards and paintings at reasonable prices. 






As well as all these delicious products we offer a wide range of services :

  • Drop your Dry Cleaning and Laundry off at the shop – save yourself a trip into town.
  • Buy your Air Ambulance Lottery tickets here.

 Derek’s Watch and Clock Clinic 








Bring in your old watches or clocks that haven’t worked for years, every Saturday morning from 9.30-11. Batteries and straps replaced. No fees, just donations to the shop.  

Sit in comfort with a coffee while Derek fixes your watch.

 Fresh Fish 

Local Fish Man “Phil the Fish ” parks his van outside the shop every Tuesday from 12.00pm to 12.30pm.
Phil always has an exciting choice of fresh fish

A cafe customer chats to Phil outside the shop.

He offers a varied selection of freshly caught fish and should you wish to order in advance please call him on mobile 07831368798 and home 01460 67721