The Association

The Committee in December 2017

We had a very good AGM, reporting a £4,000 profit for the year February 2017 to January 2018.   Six of the Committee Members were re-elected: Anne Johnson-Rooks, Chairperson; Richard Peacock, Treasurer; Sarah MacKinnon, Secretary; Mary Morris, Volunteer Liaison; as well as Pauline Holt and Melanie Pierce-Butler. We welcome two new Members, Ian Harrison and Sandra Ballisat.   Thank you to all of them and to everyone that gives up their time to help our shop.

If there is a matter you would like the committee to discuss, pop into the Shop and

talk to Heather or Wilna.


Minutes of the Meeting of TVS  27th February 2019

Present: Pauline Holt (PH): Mary Morris (MM): Sarah Mackinnon(SM): Anne Johnson-Rooks (A J-R): Ian Harrison (IH): Heather King (HK):Wilna Hawker (WH): Steve Dunford (SD) representing parish council.

Apologies:  Sandra Ballisat: Richard Peacock: Melanie Pierce-Butler

Minutes of the Meeting of 23rd January: These were passed and signed

Matters Arising: Shop deeds: SD brought copies of lease between parish council and shop and previous owner, and terms of the loan. These passed to Secretary and Chair to look through and keep safe. Fingerposts –these will appear shortly.

Donations Account: Grant from Dorset Community Foundation to fund Tuesday lunches not yet in. No response still from George Eyre fund and A J-R will not pursue. Account currently stands at £3,793.

Managers’ Report: Coffee machine has been ordered and should arrive in 4-6 weeks. All staff will need training from the supplier and we will need to have a filter tap fitted as the warranty will not cover limescale damage. There has also been a complaint recently from a regular customer about the taste of the water. HK and WH have been to another retail show and  found a business called Dart Fresh Company who seem able to provide milk, bread and vegetables more cheaply than our current suppliers. They plan to order bread and milk on a trial basis, alongside the existing bread and milk. They also visited the village shop at Sevington who have a loyalty card for coffee – a free cup after 10 purchases, and there was discussion about how we might adapt this. HK to see how much our usual printer would charge to make us one, and A J-R offered to buy a stamp to mark it.

Shop Events: Volunteers meal – arrive 1.30 for sit down at 2.

Call My Bluff 28th March – 4 tickets sold so far. A J-R to organise a raffle

Easter Lunch 16th April – menu for this is taking shape

Retro dinner 26th October –

10th Anniversary tea 17th October. Too far away for detailed planning as yet but it was suggested that the original steering committee should be personally invited.

Shop Calendar – Rose is organising this

Financial Report: Cadwalladers working on final accounts for financial year ending 31st January 2019. They need to know the amount outstanding on the loan.

Correspondence: SM reported on correspondence with the Pensions Regulator; this had involved updating the named contact (previously Charles Goodall), and as they would not accept an office, she had put her own name forward. She then checked with Cadwalladers that they had been copied into the correspondence and that they deal with the increase in pension contributions and notification of re-enrolment.

AOB:  Estimate from Hodsons for repair of shop front and decking area was very high, and until the lease has been checked we are not clear who is responsible or whether for the decking we have to replace like for like. The proposed site of the cycle rack appears not to be ours, and after discussion of alternatives it was agreed to leave the situation as it is.

Date of Next Meeting:  27th March 2019


The shop is run by the Thorncombe Village Shop Association (TVSA).

The chairman is:
Anne Johnson-Rooks

The manager of the shop is:
Heather King

The assistant Manager is:
Wilna Hawker

Heather (right) and Wilna taking a break