The Association

The Committee in December 2017

We had a very good AGM, reporting a £4,000 profit for the year February 2017 to January 2018.   Six of the Committee Members were re-elected: Anne Johnson-Rooks, Chairperson; Richard Peacock, Treasurer; Sarah MacKinnon, Secretary; Mary Morris, Volunteer Liaison; as well as Pauline Holt and Melanie Pierce-Butler. We welcome two new Members, Ian Harrison and Sandra Ballisat.   Thank you to all of them and to everyone that gives up their time to help our shop.

If there is a matter you would like the committee to discuss, pop into the Shop and

talk to Heather or Wilna.

Minutes of the Meeting of TVS  24th October 2018

Present: Richard Peacock (RP): Pauline Holt (PH): Mary Morris (MM): Sarah Mackinnon(SM): Anne Johnson-Rooks (A J-R): Heather King (HK):Wilna Hawker (WH): Ian Harrison (IH): Sandra Ballisat Steve Dunford (SD) representing parish council.

Apologies:  Melanie Pierce-Butler (M P-B):

Minutes of the Meeting of 26th September: these were agreed as correct and signed.

Matters Arising: Shop and café refurb – tables and chairs are now in place, stationery area is being arranged. Still to come, Welsh Dresser for leaflets and review of these by Lyme Tourist Information: stand for local artist cards: fly curtain to separate the kitchen: nets for the window behind the newspapers. Most comments on the changes from customers have been positive. There was a suggestion that we should record this in a feedback box (rather than book), and A J-R agreed to provide this along with paper and pen.

Donations account – this is now up and running and HK circulated details of spending. The balance in the account is £3,569.33

George Eyre Trust –A J-R still waiting for a reply

Fingerposts – SD reported that he had contacted the relevant people at district council and is waiting to hear back. There was discussion of what other boards might be placed on verges or private land, but it was agreed to take no further action until we hear from the district.

Emergency exit – deeds held by the parish council state that the shop does have right of access for disposal of waste, not just emergency access, but SD is waiting for confirmation from the land registry, which is also needed before putting up the cycle rack.

Application for drinks license – A J-R had costed this at £300 if she or anyone other than HK were to take over the license; this would include the training. There was discussion as to whether there would be enough use to justify this, and a vote taken not to extend the license for the time being, but to let people know they could bring their own alcohol to accompany a meal, provided that if purchased from the shop, it wasn’t on the same day.

 Managers’ Report: HK gave figures for the accounts – current at £5,453: savings at £18,617, Refurb, £3569.

The coffee machine is costing about £70 a month in cleaning materials and needs replacing. HK and WH plan to go to a catering show in Exeter in January which will feature a range of machines, and get information about advantages and disadvantages of different ones, and their running costs. There was discussion as to whether we needed a machine of this complexity, and IH offered to bring in his own to be looked at.

Christmas opening : it was agreed to close at 2pm Christmas Eve (MM), and open again Boxing Day 9.30-11(SD &RP). New year’s Eve opening will be 9.30-2(MM), and New Year’s Day 9.30-11.(PH)

Shop Events:  Sale of tickets for the skittles evening have not gone too well, and the Bath trip needs a few more people to be viable.

Financial Report: RP reported that the YTD figures indicate a smaller profit this year than last, and he raised the question again of how to increase turnover.

AOB:  HK wanted to encourage people if they had ideas for the shop, to contact her. Phil Gordon has been putting items on Facebook Marketplace.

SD wondered if it was common practice to have music playing in the shop, as it had been quite loud one time she had come in. She was advised that it is not. She also wondered if it would be helpful if volunteers gave their name when answering the phone, rather than just saying “Thorncombe Shop”. This was felt to be a good idea.

Date of Next Meeting:  6pm 28th November


The shop is run by the Thorncombe Village Shop Association (TVSA).

The chairman is:
Anne Johnson-Rooks

The manager of the shop is:
Heather King

The assistant Manager is:
Wilna Hawker

Heather (right) and Wilna taking a break