The Association

The Committee in December 2017

We had a very good AGM, reporting a £4,000 profit for the year February 2017 to January 2018.   Six of the Committee Members were re-elected: Anne Johnson-Rooks, Chairperson; Richard Peacock, Treasurer; Sarah MacKinnon, Secretary; Mary Morris, Volunteer Liaison; as well as Pauline Holt and Melanie Pierce-Butler. We welcome two new Members, Ian Harrison and Sandra Ballisat.   Thank you to all of them and to everyone that gives up their time to help our shop.

The next meeting will be on ………………….  2018 at 6 pm at the Shop.

If there is a matter you would like the committee to discuss, pop into the Shop and

talk to Heather or Wilna.


Minutes of the Meeting of TVS  26th September 2018

Present: Richard Peacock (RP): Pauline Holt (PH): Mary Morris (MM): Sarah Mackinnon(SM): Anne Johnson-Rooks (A J-R): Melanie Pierce-Butler (M P-B):Heather King (HK):Wilna Hawker (WH): Steve Dunford (SD) representing parish council.

Apologies:  Ian Harrison (IH): Sandra Ballisat

Minutes of the Meeting of 1st August: These were passed and signed

Matters Arising: Shop and café refurb – structural work has been completed, JB and AM are working on the painting and shelving, tables and chairs and newspaper stand have been chosen and ordered.

Grants -A JR has not yet heard from Stonewall: application for sponsorship of the Christmas Lunch is going through the quarry Community Engagement Committee. She has also attended one Bavlap meeting and at the next will make a presentation about our current support for the vulnerable in the community, and in particular those succumbing to dementia, with a view that there might be a grant available to develop this further.

There was discussion about what a grant from the George Eyre Trust might be used for: suggestions included a new awning and/or replacing the parts of the shop front which are rotting. HK agreed to ask JB if he would be willing to get estimates for this.   

Committee member roles – PH and M P-B agreed to continue their focus on Health & Safety, and it was agreed to ask IH if he is happy to take on JB’s role in maintenance, and to explore his ideas for having an IT surgery in the shop.

Fingerposts – SD reported that we could have a brown sign but that community signs could not be used for retail outlets. Procedure for a brown post is an initial email to WDCC, followed by application and assessment which costs £250. Any following costs eg vandalism are born by the shop. SD offered to make the initial exploration with WDCC and a vote was taken and unanimously passed for him to do so.

Opening of separate account for donations – RP has delivered the paperwork, which takes about 2 weeks to process.

Café Development: There was discussion about how to make the best use of the expanded café area, once this is completed. Ideas included serving soup and a bap on a daily basis, having a pizza evening from the summer, and obtaining a table license. HK does not want to take on this responsibility, and doubted use of it would warrant the cost. A J-R was happy to be the license holder, and offered to make enquiries about the cost.

 Managers’ Report: No items not covered elsewhere.

Shop Events: Skittles evening is being organised for 27th October, and HK has done the posters. There are no subscribers yet for the proposed trip to Bath Christmas Markets, and it was suggested that rather than ask people for dates they would like, we should offer two. These were agreed as 1st and 8th December. Notice of the Christmas Lunch has gone into the parish magazine and on the website, and the hall is booked. It was agreed to ask choral groups to sing carols on the day, since they are not being asked this year to do so in the shop.

Financial Report: Reserve account stood at £25,900 at end of August, which seems a good position even allowing for fact that it currently holds the grant money. Corporation Tax and VAT have been paid. RP calculates that our profit YTD is £1,000 odd.

AOB:  The Right of Way used for taking out bins has been questioned. SD offered to take this up with the clerk of the parish council who should hold the deeds which would establish this.

A plaque is going up on the outside wall above the defibrillator to commemorate the setting up of Thorncombe’s First Responders. This will be unveiled at 11am on 6th October by Rosemary Walley. SD informed the committee that Sally Welford had been the driving force in setting this up, and thanks were expressed for her doing so.

There have been a number of complaints from Duncan in the flat above the shop, about noise from the chillers. These have been serviced and also moved so that they are not adjacent, and  HK checked with the engineers that the noise is not beyond what would be expected. Duncan has said that it is better now, which may be due either to moving them or to the cooler weather.

A J-R reported that Sue Luty-Wells is asking the different community groups in the village to make an angel to decorate the church at Christmas; she would like the shop to contribute.

MM suggested that we re-use the doughnut boxes to sell muffins and cupcakes, and also wondered about creating a sheet on a monthly basis advertising shop news and events, which could be laid out on the new tables or used to line trays. It was agreed she should ask IH if he would be interested in setting this up.



The shop is run by the Thorncombe Village Shop Association (TVSA).

The chairman is:
Anne Johnson-Rooks

The manager of the shop is:
Heather King

The assistant Manager is:
Wilna Hawker

Heather (right) and Wilna taking a break