The Association

The Committee in December 2017

We had a very good AGM, reporting a £4,000 profit for the year February 2017 to January 2018.   Six of the Committee Members were re-elected: Anne Johnson-Rooks, Chairperson; Richard Peacock, Treasurer; Sarah MacKinnon, Secretary; Mary Morris, Volunteer Liaison; as well as Pauline Holt and Melanie Pierce-Butler. We welcome two new Members, Ian Harrison and Sandra Ballisat.   Thank you to all of them and to everyone that gives up their time to help our shop.

The next meeting will be on 26th September 2018 at 6 pm at the Shop.

If there is a matter you would like the committee to discuss, pop into the Shop and

talk to Heather or Wilna.

Latest Committee Meeting minutes:

Minutes of the Meeting of TVS 11th July 2018

Present:     Richard Peacock (RP): Pauline Holt (PH): John Barnes (JB): Mary Morris (MM): Sarah Mackinnon(SM):Anne Johnson-Rooks (A J-R): Melanie Pierce-Butler (M P-B):Heather King (HK):Wilna Hawker (WH):    

Apologies:     Steve Dunsford

Minutes of the Meeting of 20th June: An amendment was requested to the word ‘overtime’ in the Manager’s Report.

Matters Arising: Work on the kitchen starts 17th June and is expected to take up to a week. There will be no café sales during this period. Magna have their donation cheque ready, but would like to arrange a public handover, with photos. A J-R has approached Raglan Housing, now known as Stonewater, to see if they would be interested in making a similar donation. A J-R has been chasing an answer from the Lottery, who at first did not seem to have the copy of our accounts that had been sent; they have now found them and A is expecting a verdict in a week or two. Applications for grants following the end of quarrying are not yet open and RP reported that it may be two months or so until they are. However, he will go and speak to the manager on site next week.

Preparation for the AGM: SM reported that she had emailed all shareholders for whom this is possible and that she and Richard had hand delivered the remainder. She raised her confusion about whether it is this committee who signs the Mutual Societies Annual Return Form (AR30), or the committee newly elected at the AGM; it was agreed that it is for this committee to sign. Three people have expressed interest in coming on the committee, two of them as jobshare. There was discussion of whether a paper ballot was needed, but as this is not required by the Rules of the Society unless specifically requested by two shareholders, it was agree not. There are five new shareholders.

Manager’s Report: HK reported a substantial increase in sale of bird food products, up over a comparable period in 2017 from £243.50 to £757.38. She was also concerned lest our exemption from holding a TV license be compromised by people streaming from the internet while on the premises, but after discussion it was concluded that they would be covered by their own licences.

There have been some favourable comments about the shop on its Facebook page, and RW has agreed to transfer them. It was also decided that once minutes of the shop committee have been passed, they too should go on the website.

 Shop Events: HK has not had time to talk to the auctioneers about a Valuation Evening, but the Skittles Night was agreed for 20th October, depending on availability at the Sports Club.

 Financial Report; RP was concerned by YTD turnover being down by £1500. A proportion of this could be attributed to newspaper sales being down by £1299. On a more positive note, HK reported securing a refund for telephone charges during a period when the line was down, and for the month charged when we had actually left the company. Reduced credit card fees should start showing in July. It was agreed that producing figures for one particular product, like the bird food, was instructive, and the committee would welcome this being done again, perhaps for one chosen item a month.

Date of Next Meeting: There being no correspondence or AOB, the date of the next meeting was set for 1st August.


Minutes of the Meeting of TVS 20th June 2018

Present: Richard Peacock (RP): Pauline Holt (PH): John Barnes (JB): Mary Morris (MM): Sarah Mackinnon(SM): Melanie Pierce-Butler (M P-B):Heather King (HK):Wilna Hawker (WH):   David Marsh representing parish council.

Apologies: Anne Johnson-Rooks. In her absence RP chaired

Minutes of the Meeting of 9th May: These were passed as correct and signed

Matters Arising: A J-R’s application to Magna for a grant had been successful and £500 has been awarded for the kitchen update. The new credit card machine is working well, but people are not always remembering to put it on charge overnight.

Preparation for the AGM: SM informed the meeting that she plans to send Notice on 29th June, by email to those that have them and by hand to others. RP offered to help. A notice will also go up in the shop, outside the hall, and on the website. SM will contact Rachel to arrange this. JB said that he did not want to stand again for the committee and this was confirmed in a subsequent email to the secretary. Others said that they were willing to stand. M P-B reported that the hall booking was still only provisional, and offered to confirm the date of 24th July with Viv.                                                                                                    

Manager’s Report: HK expressed anxiety about filling the rota; there had been periods recently when many volunteers were away and WH had had to do voluntary extra hours to cover gaps.

Finance Report: March and May turnover had been good, April less so but a lot of stock had been bought in this month. The current account has a comfortable surplus.

Refurbishment: We now have £1,000 in donations, and a resolution was passed to authorise JB to contract for the upgrade of the kitchen, separate from the re-organisation of the post office and café area. He expected it to be 3-4 days’ work with some disruption, and we would need to advise customers of this.

David Marsh reported on the PC’s bid to the Beaminster and Local Villages Partnership grant fund, for the shop to have Safe Haven for vulnerable people status. If successful there would be a training workshop for volunteers. He suggested there might be other grants available from WDC, and RP said he would look into this. There was an idea that there might also be monies related to end of quarry planning, and David said he would ask the PC about this.

AOB: Events; it was thought that another skittles night might be a good idea, though with a less elaborate meal, and an Antiques Roadshow style evening. HK pointed out how much work both involved and there was a suggestion of a sub- committee to organise the events, but nothing was confirmed.

Date of Next Meeting: 18th July – later changed to 11th as A J-R could not make the later date.































The shop is run by the Thorncombe Village Shop Association (TVSA).

The chairman is:
Anne Johnson-Rooks

The manager of the shop is:
Heather King

The assistant Manager is:
Wilna Hawker

Heather (right) and Wilna taking a break