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If there is a matter you would like the committee to discuss, pop into the Shop and talk to Wilna.

 Minutes of the Meeting of TVS 3rd August 2020

Present: Richard Peacock (RP): Sarah Mackinnon(SM): Anne Johnson-Rooks (A J-R): Mary Morris (MM): Melanie Pierce-Butler (M P-B): Pauline Holt (PH): Cheryl Glazier (CG): Wilna Hawker (WH): Paul Roberts (PR)

  Apologies: Sandra Ballisat

Finance Report: RP reported turnover of £105,000 and profit of £8,000 for the first 6 months of the year, which compares favourably with the same period last year. Though this is good news he attributes it to the effect of Covid 19 on shopping habits in the village and does not expect the next quarter to look so favourable.

The grants/donations account contains £10,000 after redundancy pay and solicitor’s fees have been settled.

CG and PR have been working together to enter invoices on Xero and carry out payments and reconciliation.

AGM: SM circulated notes on the legal situation and options for holding the AGM. It was agreed that a meeting where shareholders were physically present was preferable to other possibilities and it was felt that this could be arranged with appropriate social distancing. A date was fixed for Thursday 3rd September at 7.30 and in case more members wanted to come than usual, SM will ask people to confirm attendance when she sends out the Notice.

Replacement of Toilet and Repair to the Front of the Shop: The toilet has now been replaced at a cost of £450. Estimate for initial works to the facia, which may start next week, are £1405. This doesn’t include the cost of a stain or paint for the fencing. There was discussion of possible colour schemes but no conclusion: CG offered to bring in some samples.

Covid 19 hygiene regulations: Though paid shop assistants are not required to wear face masks it appears that volunteers are. Some would prefer to while others find them difficult; there was discussion about how to resolve this and it was agreed to raise the matter at the Volunteers Meeting on 8th August. A customer had asked if Matt should be wearing full PPE while doing his job. There were differences of opinion and A J-R offered to consult Plunkett on the matter.

Stock: Some vegan and vegetarian food had been introduced over the last few months and there was discussion of whether the shop wanted to increase the variety of these and other items, bearing in mind the problems that can arise when suppliers will only sell in bulk. CG and PR are looking into analysing stock movement. It was felt that a re-arrangement of the books and old PO area, plus raising the shelves, might mean we could have more goods available.

Volunteer training: Not all volunteers are confident or knowledgeable about the different tasks the job requires and the orange folder which lists them and some of the regulations eg around food hygiene, needs updating. It was agreed that the best way to bring everyone up to date is for MM and CG to compile a new list and tick off sheet and for the training to take place when a volunteer is on duty. This will also be taken to the Volunteers Meeting.

Supervisor’s Report: WH requested a shredder for the office, and one recently discovered on a top shelf was brought out to check if it worked. She was also concerned about the parasols which need to be chained or brought indoors when not in use as they may otherwise cause damage in a high wind.

AOB: Café menus need to be rewritten with updated prices; there was discussion about whether for the time being they should be disposable paper sheets rather than laminate, but it was agreed that if properly wiped down after each customer, laminate was preferable.

The website needs updating with change of personnel; A J-R will contact Rachael Whitbread.

The Friday afternoon opening was discussed and the question of whether this should be extended. It was agreed to wait and see how well it was used and how regulations changed.

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 17th August at 2.30.



The shop is run by the Thorncombe Village Shop Association (TVSA).

The chairman is:
Anne Johnson-Rooks

The Supervisor is:
Wilna Hawker

Minutes of the Thorncombe Village Shop Association Annual General Meeting 24th July 2018

The Chair, Anne Johnson-Rooks, opened the meeting at 7.30 and welcomed everyone.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 27th July 2017

These were agreed as correct and signed.

Presentation of Accounts and Treasurer’s Report

Richard Peacock reported that turnover was up £240 on the previous year, and gross profit had increased from £46,460 to £49,114, with running costs down from £48,331 to £45,875. These figures were encouraging, but he emphasised the need for continued support from the community if this trend was to continue until 2029 when the loan will be repaid.

He then asked for questions from the floor. Roger Greaves spoke at length, giving his own forecast and the consequent necessity of rescheduling the loan to avoid defaulting and burdening the parish with an increase on the precept. He then left the meeting.

Richard asked if there were actual questions, and since there were none, proposed the accounts be accepted. This was seconded and approved.

Disapplication of the requirement to undertake a full audit of accounts for 2017/2018

Richard briefly explained that this was usual practice with the accounts, and the disapplication was proposed, seconded and approved.

Appointment of Cadwallader and Co as accountants for the financial year 31st January 2018/31st January 2019

This was proposed, seconded, and approved.

Chair’s Report

Anne Johnson-Rooks thanked all the volunteers and everyone who supported the shop in different ways; there is an ongoing need for more volunteers and she encouraged everyone to use the shop and to feedback comments. She informed the meeting of the development of the café area, thanked those who had made donations and explained that there were further grant applications in process. The aims, objectives and vision of the shop are now available for everyone to see on the website, and she concluded with her conviction that the shop would survive and that this would be achieved.

Election of New Committee

John Barnes had resigned from the committee, but other existing members had agreed to stand again. Two new shareholders had come forward, Ian Harrison and Sandra Ballisat: they introduced themselves and along with Richard Peacock, Sarah Mackinnon, Mary Morris, Pauline Holt, Melanie Pierce-Butler and Anne Rooks-Johnson were elected to the committee for the coming year.


Paul Roberts thanked the committee for their work, but also suggested that it might be useful to produce spreadsheets with projected profit/loss and measures to address financial threat; he thought this could be helpful in counteracting the claims of those who continued to be doubtful about the shop’s viability. Mike Carr offered to make the spreadsheets he had used available to the new committee.

Rose Richards noted that it was the shop’s 10th anniversary next year and looked forward to the celebrations.

Richard Arnold pointed out that in the worst case scenario of the shop failing, the addition to the precept would amount to 59 pence per property per week.

Heather King thanked all shareholders and account holders and wanted everyone to realise what an asset to the community the shop is.


There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.10 pm