About Us

The Association

The shop is run by the Thorncombe Village Shop Association (TVSA).

The chairman is Anne Johnson-Rooks


The Supervisor is
Wilna Hawker

The Volunteers (Click for Volunteers Gallery)

The Volunteers in the Shop play a huge part in making the Shop a success. It could not work without them.

They can cover a regular slot each week or be a ‘floater’ and choose a time that fits in with their daily life.

There are all manner of tasks to be covered; manning the till and serving customers; making tea & coffee & serving lunches in the café area; filling shelves; general maintenance; labelling; etc.etc.

It is a good way to meet the local community, the Shop has become a busy hub of the Village, a meeting place as well as a place for shopping.

As always, we are looking for more volunteers, the more we have the less hours there are for each one to do.

Volunteers have a good knowledge of the shop’s stock and can recommend products and gifts, and are always ready to help.

It is good fun as well!

If you would like to find out more, and maybe join us for a trial morning or afternoon please leave your contact details in the shop and we will call you back.


Our Story – How it all started

Our Ambition –  Our Vision and Ambition