There are some names on our volunteers’ list from whom we no longer hear, and perhaps they might like their names removed from the list. If so, please let us know, and at the same time please tell us if you know anyone who might wish to help the Shop by volunteering. We are very grateful to those volunteers who regularly support our Community Shop, and hope that we can depend on your continuing invaluable help.   Without it our Shop would cease to exist.

Our shop is an enormous asset to the community and  can only be achieved with Volunteers help. We really do need to have more volunteers, maybe there are some people on our list that used to volunteer, that would like to rejoin us on the Rota.

We can update anyone on the till, and also on the workings of the Café. Please just ask.

Also if anyone knows of someone that would like to join us as a new Volunteer, please let the Shop know.

The Shop cannot work without You. It is Your Shop.

If anyone would like a refresher moment on the till or on any of the shop/café practices, please let us know and I can go over them with you, anytime.

Please let’s keep the shop running, but we won’t without Volunteers. 

One hour of your spare time would make a difference.

It can be whenever it suits you, to be a floater and fill a gap when needed, or some Volunteers like to have a regular slot each week.

With your help we can make the Shop even better this Year!