Some highlights from recent Shop events…. 

             17th October 2019: our 10 years Anniversary.       

The shop was packed as we all celebrated 10 years of being a Community Shop. There was a beautiful cake made by Claire Clifford and lashings of tea. Everyone enjoyed looking at the slide show put together by Mike Carr showing the construction of the present shop front, the shelving, the electrical work installation etc etc. 

Rose launched the amazing  shop calendar called ‘The Bare Necessities…and Much More!’…certainly worth buying at only £5.50 with all proceeds going to the shop. A photo for every month showing the volunteers as never seen before…..all in the best possible taste!










Christmas Lunch 2018


















October 2018.

The newly refurbished interior of the shop has made such a difference to the space – do come in and see for yourself. 

The kitchen now makes cooking and serving the Tuesday lunches easier, the new tables and chairs are much more comfortable. We’ve already noticed how customers are lingering over their coffees – there’s more room to spread out and chat.

The opened up space where the post office and store room used to be now houses stationery and greetings card. Don’t worry – we still have the Post Office on Monday and Wednesday mornings in the corner of the shop.




The Village Shop is very pleased that the shop was  the chosen location  for siting the new Defibrillator, right in the centre of the village. 

A Plaque to Thorncombe First Responders – Pioneers of Community Life Support was unveiled by Rosemary and Brian Walley on Saturday 6th October.






                                        Pudding Evening May 2018



                                               Good Friday Lunch – Soup and Hot Cross Pudding

                                                     Our Gala Dinner in 2018









                                                Christmas Dinner 2017