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Our volunteers are happy with our recently renovated kitchen. With better-organised storage  and a lovely new work surface, we now feel confident that our standards of food preparation and hygiene will comfortably stay at the 5 stars we have been awarded, and the staff and volunteers can work more easily.

We are so grateful for all the donations in aid of the refurbishment.

A Magna representative presenting the cheque to Ann, our Chairperson

And of course pride of place is our new coffee espresso machine, providing a choice of delicious speciality coffees.

You may not know that our shop runs a 100 Club. For just £1 a month you can have the chance to win one of 3 cash prizes. Ask in the shop for a membership form.

   It’s time to enter the 100 Club competition or renew your numbers

  Be a Lucky winner for just £1.00 per month.


                                      Shop News in July 2019

Hopefully by the time you’re reading this, we’re all basking in glorious sunshine!

In some sunny news from your local shop, you can now get up to £50 cash back when you spend only £5 or more on your shopping. You no longer have to drive into town to try and find a bank or cash machine. How great is that?

On the 10th July the shop is holding our Annual General Meeting at the Village Hall. It starts at 7.3pm. Please come along and hear how busy the shop was in 2018, and more about what we now offer our customers.

Our shop is a great place to meet up with friends for coffee and treats with inside as well as outside seating, and for buying all your groceries including wonderful, local fresh produce, gifts, cards and so much more.

See you in the shop soon.


                       Very easy Fund-raising. Use this tip for your online shopping!

The incredible amount of £906 has been raised so far for our shop simply by people using the portal when buying on-line.

             It is very easy to use and surprising how many varied purchases can raise money. It costs the individual nothing at all save the effort of going through that portal. They even have a downloadable Donation Reminder which when installed brings a pop up when visiting say, John Lewis.

So far we have 46 supporters regularly using this method of buying on-line – if you haven’t tried it why not have a look at the site.  When on the site you will be invited to join and can search for Thorncombe Village Shop, it’s very simple.

Why not give it a try!